Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Hey everyone,
I just wanted to encourage you all to keep filling in your sketchbooks as this is an assessment that is worth 40% DUE in week 12. 

Visual diary Feedback MED104
Here are some tips based on viewings of visual diaries so far.
You should take note of these points in order to get the best possible marks for your visual diary. Remember this item is worth 40% of your assessment for this subject!
  • Put dates and time spent on all drawings (even those done outside of class)
  • Include descriptions (is it an idea for a game character? etc.)
  • Do more drawing outside of class (you should be doing about 6
    hours a week- show evidence of this in your visual diaries!!)
  • Do more drawing from life- (real objects and people rather than just
    fantasy work)
  • Show evidence of research (paste in magazine images or printouts from the web- and use them as inspiration)
  • Finish class exercises (use your out-of-college drawing time to complete class exercises- make sure you indicate how much time you spend on this)
  • Experiment with different media (have a go at using markers, watercolour, or charcoal etc. Keep in mind soft pencils and charcoal may smudge so maybe invest in some spray fixative- or hairspray!)
  • Make sure you do any readings recommended by your lecturer or tutor. Drawings based on extra readings and self-research will be highly regarded when assessing visual diaries. Check your weekly lecture notes and folders for these.
  • Use your Visual diary to take notes during the lecture- particularly to note artists I mention which you need to know about (and might not be in the PowerPoints). In my experience, Qantm students who take notes in lectures do better than those who don’t. It also helps to identify students who have a good work ethic when it comes to things like Internships! ☺ 

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