Thursday, September 19, 2013

Homework assignment 1.1

Create a "doodle" page in black and white. Strive for spontaneity in your drawings.
  The page can be either Horizontal or vertical format. Make sure to have a dense variety of drawings, arranged into a harmonious composition.  
You may cut and paste from many separate sheets of paper or draw on only one sheet, using some sort of grid system, or a free form arrangement. Combine all the drawings into one overall image that has some sort of organising principle.  

Hint:You can draw at a larger size and reduce the image via photocopier. 

From the Ivan Brunetti Book 'Cartooning: Philosophy and practice'.

ALSO  can everyone log in to moodle so that you are on my student list for campus online.
On moodle I can post things like letures, notes, pdfs etc (I cannot do this on blogger).
Thank you. 


  1. Hey Jen,

    Do the pictures have to be combined to create and overall image like a shape or something? or just a page of individual drawings?

  2. No they don't have to create an overall shape, they are just a bunch of small drawings.